Congratulations to our FDJHS students participating in the district Academic UIL meet last week! FDJHS finished the meet tied for 1st place, overall! Below is list of the students, their contest, and their place.  A huge THANK YOU to the FD Staff that coached, planned, and executed a terrific academic meet. GREAT JOB! 

3RD Alijah Brito Calculator Applications
3RD Avy Menown Number Sense
4TH Avy Menown Impromptu Speaking
3RD Avy Menown Music Memory
6TH Beau Holley Musis Memory
4TH Beau Holley Science
3RD Brenna Downing Dictionary Skils
2ND Brenna Downing Impromptu Speaking
2ND Brenna Downing Listening Skills
3RD Cail Hinojos Music Memory
3RD Camila Lara Listening Skills
6TH Camilla Lara Oral Reading
6TH Colten Gray Art
4TH Colten Gray Music Memory
4TH Daniel Lopez Calculator Applications
6TH Daniel Lopez Mathematics
2ND Daniel Lopez Number Sense
4TH Ein Ramon Art
4TH Eva Cano Calculator Applications
3RD Eva Cano Social Studies
5TH Eva Cano Spelling
5TH Gael Lopez Science
3RD Grace Brooks Dictionary Skils
1ST Grace Brooks Listening Skills
1ST Gracie Boultinghouse Art
2ND Gracie Boultinghouse Dictionary Skils
1ST Gracie Boultinghouse Oral Reading
1ST Gracie Boultinghouse Social Studies
2ND Hokulani Tofiga Art
1ST Hokulani Tofiga Music Memory
5TH Jayden Billingsley Art
2ND Jayden Billingsley Music Memory
1ST Jayden Billingsley Number Sense
3RD Jesus Ramos Impromptu Speaking
3RD Jesus Ramos Social Studies
5TH John Rosales Number Sense
4TH Johnathan Rivera Social Studies
6TH Johnathan Rivera  Listening Skills
2ND Josiah Hayes Maps, Graphs, Charts
1ST Josiah Hayes Mathematics
4TH Josiah Hayes Number Sense
1ST Josiah Hayes Ready Writing
4TH Karime Ramirez Listening Skills
6TH Karime Ramirez Mathematics
2ND Kaylin Rasbach Science
1ST Kaylin Rasbach Social Studies
6TH Kealie Reagan Calculator Applications
2ND Kealie Reagan Ready Writing
4TH Laurel Tayor Music Memory
4TH Luke Holcomb Calculator Applications
6TH Luke Holcomb Maps, Graphs, Charts
6TH Luke Holcomb Number Sense
2ND Naomi Rasbach Modern Oratory
1ST Naomi Rasbach Science
1ST Naomi Rashbach Spelling
4TH Neveah Sanchez Spelling
5TH Olin Welch Impromptu Speaking
1ST Olin Welch Science
2ND Quinn Martin Social Studies
4TH Quinn Martin Spelling
5TH Sian Chavez Impromptu Speaking
5TH Sian Chavez Listening Skills
3RD Taylor Sanchez Oral Reading
4TH Taylor Sanchez Spelling
2ND Yasir Fiero Calculator Applications
5TH Yasir Fierro Art
5TH Yasir Fierro Number Sense
6TH Ysla Salcido Impromptu Speaking