Registration & Enrollment Information

Enrolling Your Student in Fort Davis ISD

We are excited that all registration and enrollment for current and new families is completely online! If you need assistance with the online process, each campus has computers available for use, and staff ready to help.

Are you a CURRENT Family in the District?

Click the Ascender Parent Portal button below, and log in to your existing account or create an account.

Are you a NEW Family to the District?

Click the Ascender Parent Portal button below, and toggle to "Create Account" to begin.

Please have the following documents with you in order to complete the online registration process.

  • Official birth certificate

  • Social security card

  • Immunization record

  • Parent ID (Drivers license, passport, or any official identification document)

  • Proof of residency (for local Ft.Davis students only)

Note about Preschool Partnerships

Fort Davis ISD has begun to establish Early Childhood Education Partnership agreements with various private schools in the area.  These partnerships are recognized legal agreements that allow FDISD to increase our student enrollment in an effort to increase state funding.  The partnerships are mutually beneficial to both FDISD and the partner organization.  Extra funding that these new students generate with their attendance is split with the partnering organization, while FDISD supports that organization with staffing and other resources.

Each partnership is negotiated and finalized with elements unique to the needs of the partnering organization.  Agreements are generally for one school year at a time, with options to renew thereafter.  These agreements do not fundamentally change the partnering organization education planning and curriculums, nor their administrative operations; rather, these agreements help to facilitate the access to additional resources for these partners, including staff, materials, professional development and funding.

More information can be obtained by calling the Superintendent's office at 432-426-4440, or by visiting the TEA  website.

Students who are withdrawing from the district will need to contact the campus the student is attending.

Please call the campus secretaries (432-426-4454, X400 for elementary) (432-426-4444, X300 for the junior-senior high) for more information.