Last Thursday, Judge Evans published a statement in the paper about settlement of the lawsuit by FDISD against the County and Water Corporation.  That settlement was funded at the Title Company the following day.  Paragraph 9 of the settlement is as follows:  "Joint Statement about this Settlement.  Each Party agrees that they may distribute in writing the joint statement attached hereto as Attachment 10 and will not distribute any other written statement about this settlement.  Such statement shall not be released or distributed earlier than the date of delivery of the Settlement Funds by the Title Company."

Fort Davis ISD will comply with the terms of this agreement, as it has consistently complied with all its agreements, as well as the laws, statutes, regulations and Constitution of the State of Texas.    

The "agreed" joint statement, contained within the settlement documents, reads as follows:

The Fort Davis Independent School District, Fort Davis Water Supply Corporation, and Jeff Davis County have reached an amicable resolution in the lawsuit regarding Urquhart Avenue.  The parties have agreed to resolve their differences outside of court, avoiding a potentially lengthy and costly legal battle.  The dispute arose over the ownership of the Urquhart Avenue property and the extraction and storage of groundwater on that property.  All parties were committed to finding a mutually satisfactory solution and have worked tirelessly to reach a resolution that meets the needs of all involved, particularly the community.  The resolution terms include payments to Fort Davis ISD and its corresponding commitment to execute the necessary real estate documents to quiet title to the properties involved and to ensure continued availability of water resources to the public.  All parties are satisfied with the outcome and are looking forward to moving on from this dispute.  As such, the parties will not be making further statements on the matter.  The parties would like to thank the community for their patience and understanding.  This resolution marks a positive step forward and reinforces the importance of communication and compromise in resolving disputes.