Texas House Bill 3

The most advantageous education bill currently under review in the legislature is House Bill 3. It has been reported that HB3 adds about $7B to public education. HB3 has estimated values...

Reporting on Bullying

Interested in downloading an app to report instances of bullying? Visit our "Parent Portal" page to view the instructions for Campus Eye, sponsored by Fort Davis State Bank. Reports can be made...

Elementary/Junior High UIL Results

Fort Davis students scored 1,439 points at last week’s UIL Academic meet in Balmorhea to win the annual competition. Students from Balmorhea, San Vicente, Marfa, Valentine, and Sierra Blanca...



Allison Scott

Allison Scott

about 19 hours ago

PreKindergarten students after their Easter Egg hunt view image

Allison Scott

Allison Scott

1 day ago

Mrs. Miles’ PreK class had a fun adventure at Wasserman Wranch today! view image

Allison Scott

Allison Scott

2 days ago

Dirks-Anderson’s spring food drive continues until Thursday, April 18. Bring in a can or other non-perishable food to help Jeff Dav ... view image

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